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The Chic Money Clutch

Your Ultimate Money Mastering Accessory

It's finally  here! Your feminine, elegant and FUN clutch containing the three principles of the Chic Money Mastery Philosophy. 
Buy your clutch today and set down the path of a profitable and passionate relationship with money.

Melanie Else|She Got Happy

Jess has changed my whole outlook on Money! I always treated money as the arch enemy but with Jess's help and the Chic Money Clutch elements I have changed my money mindset and skill set! Jess is not just an Accountant, she is a passionate, caring and no nonsense business woman who loves helping women feel empowered by money. Thanks Chic Money and Jess! 

Sommer Louise |  Sommer Louise

As a female I was always overwhelmed and daunted by numbers. Jess made me see money and wealth in a whole new light and she 'spoke my language!' She has made it so much fun, I actually want to do the work! Jess is brilliant, inspirational and she knows her stuff. I now have a beautiful new clutch AND it has money in it! 

Are You Ready To Master Your Money With Style?

Chic Money Clutch

The Unique Chic Money Philosophy

Unique | Complete | Feminine

Chic Money Clutch

The Chic Money Clutch - lovingly created to support you to step into your financially fabulous self in 2016


Set yourself up for success from the inside > outside.
Clear your consciousness of limiting beliefs and money blocks keeping you stuck, fearful and in scarcity.
Re write your money story and beliefs in favour of those that support your desires. 


A Note From Jessica (and her favourite book) 

I'm so pleased you found your way here, nothing happens by accident or coincidence, including you becoming financially fabulous. 
I'm thrilled to partner with you and introduce you to my unique and complete Money Mastery philosophy. 
The Chic Money Clutch is fun, fabulous and the perfect accessory to your money journey. 
I'm here for and with you, let's do this...

Why The Chic Money Clutch?

As an accountant and money mastery specialist one minute we will be talking sales conversions and return on advertising investment, the next, how feeling like the 'poor kid' at school is stopping you front breaking through to the next level of income and abundance. 
My approach is complete and holistic, and I can't wait to open the doors and roll out the pink carpet for you! 

Your Financially Fabulous Self Awaits...

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Money Mastery Awaits

Money Mastery Has Never Been So Beautiful...

Fun | Feminine | Freeing

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Become firm friends with money, yes! It's really possible...

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My mission:

Financially empowered women will save the world, and I'm excited to support you to do this, beginning with your own world.


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