One of the top questions I am often asked is how do I immediately increase my income?

Short of waving my magic wand (which I use as a last resort) my response is always along the lines of…

Please do not be alarmed by the simplicity of what I am about to share with you as this has the power to change your life forever!

What you focus on expands.

Whatever it is you desire to create more of in your life – money, love, self-acceptance, strength etc

You must first celebrate all that is present and show immense gratitude for that in order to attract more of the same.

In the area of money, this looks really quite simple, track every dollar of abundance that comes your way, every day!

Each and every day you record every dollar of money that flows to you.

Even (and especially) when the amount is zero, it does not matter for the principle is sound. What you focus on expands.

Do not get caught up in the simplicity of this process, there will be days you want to skip the process or get frustrated that it isn’t working fast enough, but stay the course and you will be rewarded.

I invite you to take the 14-day income tracking challenge, every day for 14 days record every bit of money that flows to you, yes even if someone buys you a coffee!

Check back in with me in 14 days and share your results! I can’t wait to see what money magic you create! You can download my income and expense tracking sheets by clicking the link below, no opt-in required, just a gift for you!