How I went from high school dropout and struggling single Mum to Qualified Accountant, Certified Money Coach and thriving global coaching business!

I did not come out to the box this way….

Truth is at 16 years of age, I dropped out of high school. I had big dreams and big goals, knowing I was meant for more, but was also disillusioned and had no idea how to bring them to life! 

I fumbled around for some time in low paying jobs, bad relationships and some serious self-doubt! 

Amongst it all though I attended University open days (without a middle school graduation to my name!) and just KNEW there was a bigger world and life out there just waiting for me to step up and claim it! 

A few years (and a lot of study) later I reached a HUGE goal and milestone for me, enrolling in University! I was the proudest and most diligent University student on the campus! 

In the same week, and aged 21, I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter! This was very much wanted and planned, apparently I don’t do things by halves! 

The next few years were a blur of study, parenting and work! Sitting exams with leaking breasts and a screaming newborn outside the exam venue is something I will never forget!

Upon graduating as a qualified accountant I opened my very first business, a bookkeeping and accounting practice. This is where things became very interesting!

I soon discovered the sheer fear, panic, doubt and uncertainty that women experienced with money. As they handed over their valuable financial information to me, I could literally feel them handing over their financial power to me and hoping I would make it all better!

I would then proudly share their completed accounts and beautifully presented financial statements to them, and watch in horror as they would cast them aside and never look at them again! “Nooo there is such valuable information in there!” I would despair!

At a similar time I became a single Mum very suddenly overnight (that’s a story for another time!) and I went on an intense journey of self healing and discovery and very quickly connected with the magic of money and manifesting. 

Manifesting and securing an amazing home for my daughters and I in the most spine-tingling of circumstances was truly life-changing for us all!

It was in perfectly divine moments of crystal clear clarity and guidance that Chic Money and the philosophies of mindset, management and manifestation for financial (and let’s be real, life) transformation flowed so beautifully to me. 

Through this process my signature program, the Money Mastery Academy was born and I have had the absolute privilege and honour of partnering with countless women just like you, the world over and having a front row seat to them creating the financial freedom they have long craved, but had been kept just out of reach! 

These days you will find me living and loving life with my daughters, my amazing love (there’s another manifestation story for you!) and supporting my incredible clients and community through Chic Money.

Hot chocolates, notebooks, flowers and candles are non negotiables to me!

I truly do believe you can write anything you desire into your reality

For that reason you will never find me without a notebook on hand!

I race sidecars with my brother

Obsessed with real estate & home design