How do you feel about logging into your bank account or accounting program?

Excited, nervous, dread, shame, guilt?

Any and all responses are fine, and I’m going to show you right now why that is the case and how to transform this experience immediately. 

Step One – No Meaning Is Necessary

So you’ve made some ‘bad’ decisions, overspent, let the money slip through your fingers, turned a blind eye to that debt you want to clear and now you are paying the ultimate price through guilting and shaming yourself!

What if you could let go of the emotion and weight of those ‘bad’ decisions and let them be what they are, merely a mark and moment in time. 

No need to assign meaning and emotion or to punish yourself endlessly!

The truth is that awareness is the first step to change and what you don’t challenge you can’t change. 

By challenging your default habit of going into self loathing, guilt and shame, you can make a more empowering choice that moves you toward your financially free future,

not further away from! 


Step Two – Build Up your Faith & Trust In An Inexhaustible Supply Of Money


Think back to those decisions in step one (bonus points for doing a brain dump forgiveness list for all things ‘bad money decisions’ 

Bringing them to mind though. 

Let’s say you ‘wasted’ $100 

Would you still feel so bad about that if you knew that $1,000 was coming your way today?

Whilst I’m not at all about mindlessly spending, what I am about is that a never ending supply of money is available to you! 

It is your fear based mind that believes money is a fixed and limited supply, that is why you feel so terribly about ‘wasting’ money.

Money isn’t worried about it, as soon as you are in alignment again it will flow right back to you! 

So my love, your mantra for today is:

I believe in the never ending, always expanding stream of money, love and abundance that is flowing to me today and always

Doesn’t that feel better! 

Step 3 – What Gets Measured Gets Improved


Where focus goes energy flows. 

My invitation to you today is to bring your loving attention to money. 

Money is no different to you, it likes to be loved, cherished and cared for. 

What action can you take today to show your money some love?

May I suggest investing some time looking through your bank accounts. 

Look at your incomings and outgoings

Take to them with a highlighter. 

Red = a misaligned decision
Yellow = I don’t completely hate myself, but I may choose differently next time
Green = Go me! This feels good and I’m proud of this money move! 

Take out your calculator and do some sums:

  • How much money did you spend last week? 
  • How do you feel about this?
  • What transactions would you reverse if you could?
  • What action will you take from now to feel better in this area?

This is such a powerful way to feel more comfortable and in control of your finances and money. 
No boring spreadsheets or complex formulas required! 

There you have it, my fail proof 3 step formula to feel better about logging into your bank account. The more often you do this, the better you will feel! 

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