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Secure Your Copy Today
and get $350 Worth of FREE Bonuses


I don’t say all of this to remind you of what is already on your mind.
I say this to celebrate you, congratulations you are normal! These are all very normal experiences and emotions.

BUT you are meant for much more than normal my love, and you know it! 

It is no coincidence that you have found yourself on this page, and I am so glad you have.

I am here to show you another way, a way that is meant for you, and a way that will lead you directly to your financially free life that is wildly abundant in all areas, not just your bank account.

That is the funny thing about money.

It is both all about the money, and at the same time has nothing to do with the money.  Money is a powerful tool that you deserve in ever increasing amounts of course.  

However it is also very much about the woman that you
become in the process.

The freedom, ease, abundance, joy,
luxury, adventure, expansion. 

" Since working with Jess, I’ve had consistent $30K+ weeks! Jess is the best in the business - deeply loving, strategic and powerful! She’s the real deal! "

Caitlyn Menzel Caitlyn Menzel Coaching & Hunter BarbershoP

" I have doubled my monthly income since working with Jessica in the Money Mastery Academy, my only wish is that I did it sooner! "

Rhi Thistlethwaite

" OMG I still pinch myself when I think back to the massive changes I have made and how easy it was. Why didn’t I do it sooner? "


A client I recently worked with told me....

... that one of the biggest shifts for her through my work was not only her ever increasing bank accounts and zero credit card balance, but that after YEARS of trying everything, her posture has improved dramatically! So much so even her husband noticed and commented on the way she is now carrying herself. (Must be dramatic for a husband to notice and comment, right?!)
So whilst it’s amazing to carry yourself proudly and feel incredible, mark my words that bank account of yours is in for a dramatic upgrade and a few extra zeros also!

It’s time for you to wake up each day feeling like you are living your ‘dream day’ journal entry!

Financially Free Forever is not just a book you will read, it is very carefully and lovingly designed to be your financial freedom companion. 

You will carry it around, highlighted and full of notes and each day you will pour your heart and soul into the pages as your dreams and desires dance beautifully into your life and business.

This book is your ticket to creating financial freedom that not only ‘ticks the boxes’ but freedom that is so uniquely and aligned to you, no more outdated ideals of what it should look like!

It’s time to fall back in love with yourself, money and your financially free future! You see it within you because it’s meant for you.

God never gives you a goal or dream that is out of reach.

Sure there is growth, expansion and healing along the way (that is where the real magic happens) but mark my words, it is 100% meant for you.

I am here to help you step fully into being the financially free woman first and foremost, from there the bank account will take care of itself, pinky promise! Deal?!

So, Why Me?

I did not come out of the box this way, in fact you could say that I was destined for anything but life as a global money mastery coach, speaker, mentor and author!

I was a 16 year old high school dropout working in a petrol station! 

I had dreams though and knew I wanted to do big things with my life. Even without having completed year 10 I would go along to the University open days, sit in the lecture theatres and just know this was meant for me. 

I was introduced to accounting and fell in love, I put myself through TAFE and University (starting my degree the same week I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter!) I submitted assignments the night before giving birth, sat exams with leaking breasts (sorry if TMI) and a screaming newborn outside the exam venue and was overjoyed to graduate from University. 

High school dropout to University graduate - DONE! Dream complete! 

From there I launched and grew a bookkeeping and accounting practice where I wondered why my smart, savvy and beautiful women clients wouldn’t use the spreadsheets, checklists and tools that I gave to them, not to mention the critical information contained within their financial reports!

It was heartbreaking for me to see these women who were pouring their heart and soul into their business, feel completely disempowered, afraid and incompetent in the area of money.

This was severely limiting them and the growth of their business, and creating a whole lot of stress and sleepless nights in the process! An expensive hobby is nowhere near as much fun as a profitable business! We’ve all been there right?!

At this time I was also impacted by a bushfire, lost my daughters two ponies in tragic circumstances and also became a single Mum very suddenly overnight to my two beautiful daughters!

All of these life changing situations in close succession was the perfect grounds for my spiritual awakening!

I was introduced to the feminine aspects of money including:

Money Story

Money Mindset


Law of Attraction

Suddenly an entire new world opened up to me and my life purpose became very clear to me!  From there my accounting clients became my coaching guinea pigs and the results were jaw dropping!  

I then manifested an amazing home for my daughters and I, a rapidly growing coaching business and later the absolute love of my life! (more about that, and insider tips in the book!)

Today I live in the beautiful Barossa Valley wine region (and don’t drink wine, I know!) With my amazing partner, beautiful daughters and too many animals!

Each day I work with incredible women through my Money Mastery Academy program, host my podcast the Femme Financial Freedom podcast and drink too many hot chocolates!

It is an absolute honour and privilege to share my journey, the journey of my clients and of course your journey with you through this beautiful book that I am so proud of!

" Last week I had more money than I knew what to do with! Working with Jess has been an amazing investment in myself and my business and I have created an amazing return on this investment! "


" Jessica is classy, elegant, inspiring and nothing less than uplifting. You will get nothing but greatness from this uplifting, articulate and well considered woman. "


 I'm blown away by the level of love and care Jess has for her clients. Her powerful coaching meets me right where I’m at and moves me towards my goals. "


So what can you expect through Financially Free Forever?

This book is your financial freedom companion.

I have poured my heart and soul into this book, in my eyes and the eyes of those blessed with a ‘sneak peak’ it is much, much more than a book!
You can expect to be tested, challenged, triggered, awakened and forever transformed. 

"What Challenges Us, Changes Us."

You will experience daily trainings and be guided step by step how to implement them through:

  • Journaling prompts
  • Meditations and visualisations  
  • ​Tables and worksheets 

There will be no reading the text and being left to your own devices to hopefully implement what you’ve learned!

Each day you will be supported to action your learnings which will build upon each other each day.

After all...

"Money Loves Action"

This book is not for the woman who...

  • Believes it’s everyone else’s fault
  • Is looking for a ‘magic bullet’ solution  
  • ​Isn’t willing to do the work
  • ​Thinks it is someone else’s fault that she is in the position she is in

This book is for the woman who...

  • Knows she is meant to have A LOT of money!
  • Just can’t settle for a watered down version of what she sees in her heart 
  • ​Is ready to ditch the debt for good
  • ​Chooses to activate her feminine financial power
  • ​Is willing to do the (fun and feminine) work
  • ​Is ready for change and transformation within her bank account
  • ​Would love someone to show her step by step how to create financial freedom

So my love, now that we have the formalities out of the way, I have a feeling this book was written just for you

Do you feel that?
If so, only one question remains, and it’s a big one!

Are You Ready To Create Financial Freedom?

Like really ready… Ready to:

  • Let go of the decades old conditioning keeping you in this money holding pattern
  • ​Create and receive more money from sources that you haven’t even dared dream of
  • ​ Dissolve your debt and more than that, never be a match for debt again
  • ​Have money fall at your feet because it sounds like fun, not because you need it like last week
  • ​Activate your feminine manifesting powers and bring everything from your vision board (and more) beautifully to life

" We are all so busy being “busy” and doing all the things, that we sometimes forget to check in and ask if this is what we really want. Jessica has got me back on track and I’m so glad that she has! I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me and my business. "


" Since working with Jess I have launched my own salon coaching business, my goal was for 5 coaching clients before my wedding in April. I have grown my client base to 13 clients, I am completely off the floor of my salon and am earning so much money it’s ridiculous! "


Financial freedom is meant for you, and I don’t want you to wish for it a second longer.  It’s time to say YES to your financially free future and get your ticket to freedom! 

Click below to secure your copy today. 

Upon purchase you will also gain access to fabulous book bonuses worth $350! Including:  

  • 5 Guided Meditations 
  • My Brand New Money Management System   
  • ​Manifestation Wall Papers
  • ​Money Block Clearing Audio Training 

Get Your Copy Today

And Start Your Journey Today Towards A Financially Free Future!

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