But Why…..


If you have been in the Chic Money community for any period of time you have likely heard me share, “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will do.”

When we are anything less than crystal clear, it is easy to be caught up carried away with bright shiny object syndrome, fear, comparison and procrastination.

The antidote for this? your clear, compelling and strong why.

Today I invite you to gain clarity on just WHY this old chestnut of money is so important to you. Until you gain this clarity, insight and awareness money will continue to be your foe, your rival and something that feels ‘out there’ and far removed from you.

Invite your awareness in, notice it, acknowledge it and explore it. 

Why is money so important to you?
Why do you want to heal your relationship to money?
Why are you delving deeper and healing this situation in your life?
Why do you want to reach this income goal?

Cultivate your super strong why and be SO committed to that why and purpose that there is no way this goal can’t come to life!

Once you are clear on your why, what is the purpose for that money?
Money loves to have a job to do
Money needs to have a plan, purpose and reason to flow to you in advance of the money showing up. One of the biggest money blocks I see is women waiting for the money to arrive before they decide what to do with it, uh-uh, money wants you to be prepared in advance!

Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be, simply take out a piece of paper, write your income goal at the top and then get planning! Where is that money going, and for what amount?

I can’t wait to see what mountains you move and miracles you create with a clear and compelling why, and strong purpose and reason for money to flow to you.

With Money Mastering Love

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