Ethical Ambition

Ethical Ambition



I recently heard this term and it has resonated oh so deeply with me.

In my private FB Money Mastered With Style community Monday’s are dedicated to our mindset.

Almost every student and client I work with has outdated and undesirable belief systems and in turn sabotages surrounding ambition and success.

I believe a great deal of this stems not only from our own ‘stuff’ but from the ‘old’ notion of what ambition meant.

You know the kind, dog eat dog, I win, you lose, stop at nothing or no-one to get what you want.

Yeah, that kind of ambition and definition of success doesn’t do much for me either.

What is emerging and evolving though is a new breed of ambition, one that I’m head over heels falling for!

The ambition I sign up for goes like this

  • Ethical – your values and ideals are not compromised on your road to success
  • Inclusive – you are more than willing to support others on the climb. Be it through providing employment to staff and team members, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs in your field or speaking at your local college the key is you want others to benefit from your knowledge, experience and expertise
  • Progressive – you don’t hesitate to whip out the cheque book, or donate your time to causes that are dear to you. This success is not ‘who has the most toys wins’ It’s also not about being a martyr, it’s about being the most expressive and abundant version of you, uniquely you.

I could go on and on, but the essence is that in my eyes, and increasingly the worlds eyes, the view of success is changing, and for the better I believe.

Ethical ambition in my eyes and heart is the permission slip to go after your big dreams and goals, knowing deeply that you are contributing to the new breed of success that will see others thrive also. 

Give permission to your ambition… (ethically of course) 

If you are reading this and shaking your head, all of the people you are exposed to are stuck in the old notion of success. I encourage you to consider carefully who you are surrounding yourself with.

What embodiment of success and ambition do you choose and create?

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