Mindful Spending – Transform your purchasing decisions 

In todays video blog we are talking all things conscious spending, I know, I know, hardly glamorous, but do press play, you will be glad you did!

In summary of the video, let’s remember the following:

  • What you focus on expands. Yes, it’s important to be mindful consumers, HOWEVER you are not going to be a ‘money miser’ and instead will focus the majority of your energy on money making activities, not cost cutting!
  • Plugging money leaks is a very valuable tool. Just recently I have saved myself over $150 per month by eliminating expenses no longer needed, it feels so good!
  • Evaluate the last 2 expenses you incurred that you don’t feel so crash hot about. How were you feeling and what was your situation? Were you bored, sad, angry, frustrated, feeling insecure?
  • Knowing your triggers is incredibly powerful and the first step to healing from behaviours that don’t support us, and drain your money!
  • Once you know your behaviours and triggers you can put in place actions to prevent behaviours repeating themselves. Ie: Next time you are feeling bored, meet a friend for coffee, get out into nature, or pick up your favourite book, don’t fill your online shopping cart!
  • Once you have the clarity and power, it’s all about making modifications to your behaviours to get a new, wealthy result!

One final, very powerful question to ask yourself before clicking ‘commit to buy’

Is this purchase merely depleting my profits, or adding to my wealth?

The answer to this question, can guide you to make powerful, aligned and mindful purchasing decisions.

Insights and transformation come from action. Please do open your banking app, or pull out your receipts, you are now equipped with the information and actions to transform your financial future,

You’ve got this….