2016 – the End of Money for Money’s Sake!

Money for Money's Sake

In today’s video blog we are evaluating your current revenue streams and beginning to create your 2016 revenue plan. I share with you my 3 step process for reviewing your income, and evaluating potential income earning opportunities.

1) Is it aligned with your vision?
2) Is it money for money’s sake?
3) What zone will you be operating in? Zone of competence, excellence or genius?

A little disclaimer: I am not suggesting you instantly give the flick to revenue streams that currently support you but don’t make you leap from bed each morning.

However, if we don’t know where we are going, any road will do.
It is imperative to have clarity and direction around how you DO want to joyfully create money, and this is the first step.

At this time last year 100% of my income was derived from my bookkeeping and accounting business, this now accounts for only 10% of my annual income. 
This change certainly didn’t occur by accident, I have a vision and combined with inspired and consistent action I now LOVE my current and future income streams.

These questions are such powerful and insightful enquiries to ask yourself, and as you know, if nothing changes, nothing changes!

The first step to transforming your financial future is gaining clarity on how you DO want it to look!

Happy revenue planning!

Resources: The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks

I would LOVE for you to post a comment on my very first NEW blog and share with me, what revenue stream are you excited to create or expand in 2016?