Money Making Activites


Creating Your Profitable and Passionate Empire


I totally get and respect that you are a passionate female entrepreneur who adores her craft, her clients and the work you bring to the world.

HOWEVER I also hedge a bet (and I’m a conservative accountant!) that you would like to create and expand your profitable business, and not have an expensive hobby keeping you awake and stressed at night?

Yes? In that case I introduce you to money making activities and encourage you to fall deeply and madly in love.

Money making activities are the precious and special elements that will enable you to reach and enjoy the vision that you have so carefully crafted.

These activities are the channels for your money magnet self to allow and open to money flowing to you in ever increasing amounts from various sources.

In today’s video blog I share with you actions you can take and implement TODAY to increase the flow of income to you right away! So lets get started right now (once you’ve read to the end and watched the video)

Money Making Activities

  • Send the damn invoice! – Is there an invoice you are procrastinating on sending? Don’t send that mixed message to the universe that you don’t actually need anymore abundance, send the invoice!
  • Launch that new product you have been working on and hiding from the world -Give people every opportunity to work with you!
  • Sell an existing product – You know, the one you’ve already created that no-one knows about?! Open their eyes to it’s existence….
  • Tell 2 new people about your business today – Online or in person, raise the profile of your business and practice your pitch!
  • Help someone – Want more? I wholeheartedly believe you then need to do more, be more, and give more. Find someone today (I’m sure you won’t need to look too far!) who you can help with your expertise and experience. If nothing else, it feels great to be of service.

I trust the above has sparked some ideas and inspiration for how you can open the channels and allow abundance to flow to you right away.

Now is the time to take action, what 2 money making activities will you take today?

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Money Mastered With Style