_G5A2704You just know you are meant for bigger things, for money to flow effortlessly and easily to you for doing what you love, to be joyfully (yes, you read right!) paying taxes, bills and obligations, creating a portfolio of assets that generate passive income streams together with enjoying all of the indulgent flowers and candles your heart desires.

Take a deep breath, I can help you bring this vision to life.

I’m Jessica Giles, the solution to mastering your money with style.
My passion is partnering with women entrepreneurs, guiding and support them to become masterful managers of their money, no lack, fear or scarcity in sight! (Yes, it really is possible).

Through my work as a qualified accountant I found myself educating and supporting my clients to understand and maximise their money – there is an art to it beyond reading a Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet!

This is what lights me up, bringing sass and passion to the often dry topic of money, and from there Chic Money was born.

Within 10 years women will control 40% of the world’s wealth. I am completely committed to ensuring this money is maximised with the intention, alignment, soul and sass that only a woman can have!

My approach to money mastery is complete and holistic. Together we explore and expand upon:

  • Busting through money blocks that keep you stuck and broke
  • Eliminating limiting beliefs holding you back
  • Savvy and actionable money mastery systems and structures putting YOU back in elegant control
  • Aligned wealth creation principles to secure your financially fabulous self

I work one on one with my clients to shift and expand their history and relationship with money, how they view and treat money on a daily basis, and the foundation, plan and action to create real and lasting wealth to sustain your life and lifestyle enabling you to live the life you dream.

Do you desire to master your money with style?

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