Don’t you love a delicious couple of hours childfree, and aren’t you lucky I chose to spend them sharing some actionable tips with you?! You’re welcome, I do adore my community.

Over in my private FB community, Money Mastered With Style (you must join if you aren’t already a member!) Saturday’s are dedicated to Sales Skills Saturday.
Therefore today I am sharing with you three actionable steps you can take consistently to ensure a full and flourishing client schedule.

As I share in the video – remember that consistency trumps massive action every time.
If you implement these three actionable steps each day, you WILL notice a significant difference in your businesses momentum, traction and bank account.

  1. Schedule Dedicated Sales Time – This time is scheduled into my Google Calendar and each day an alarm beeps reminding me of my scheduled sales time. This time is most effectively maximised by offering, scheduling and hosting discovery sessions, following up client leads, and creating your sales materials such as pages and funnels etc. Scheduling is key, us female entrepreneurs don’t like to let anyone down, even our calendars! (or perhaps that’s just crazy old me!)
  2. Connecting and Communicating – Where do your ideal clients hang out? What FB groups, Instagram pages, blogs, websites etc do they frequent? What questions are they asking? How can you be of value and support with no reciprocation expected? Remember, business is all about relationship building.
  3. Pitch Yourself – Sadly generally your doors wont be beaten down with opportunities beckoning, at least at the beginning. Put yourself out there, be visible, and put yourself forward for podcasts, summits, guest webinars etc. Even 7 figure business owners are forever looking for ways to connect with increasing amounts of ideal clients. I love to feature as a money expert on podcasts and in summits etc. To begin with I contacted podcast channel owners and summit creators that I desired to share my message with. The universe now rewards me almost daily with increasing numbers of opportunities landing in my inbox. I love to talk, this is fabulous!  You can check out my latest podcast interview with the fabulous VK the VA HERE 

I do hope that the above has planted seeds of inspiration and ideas in your flourishing business garden. What action are you excited to take? Be sure to note it down right now, and schedule into your calendar.

Action #1 – Join Money Mastered With Style – the private and exclusive money mastery FB community.

Until next time,

With Money Mastering Love

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