“ Financially empowered women will save the world, beginning with their own.”  – Jessica Giles

Hosting sell out live events and speaking at live and online events and on podcasts is what Jessica lives for!  As a powerful and in demand speaker and presenter, spreading the money mastery and healing message to eager crowds of women is a gift Jessica loves to share and shine through the world.  Money is meant to be  

Supporting women to drop the fear, doubt, debt and ‘shoulds’ of money and step fully into a place of aligned, magnetic and connected power to channel abundance is the life changing ‘flick of the switch’ Jessica most loves about live events.

It’s the gleam and glisten in the eye when a woman lights up from within upon realisation she doesn’t have to do money, wealth and business as her parent’s did, or as she was told it had to be!

It’s the reclaiming of divine rights and power as you step into your truth of creating wealth, freedom and success by your design, in your own way that sets a woman free and creates rapid ascension to wealth!

Your divine right is to riches

Jessica powerfully supports women to :

Heal and release the conditioning, patterns and beliefs that brought you here (the inner creates the outer)

• Rewrite your relationship with money to one of love, abundance and expansion.

• Free yourself from the fearful grip that money has on you (you will now be excited to look at your bank account!)

• Develop your internal blueprint for wealth.

• Understand and release your unique cycle of sabotage, bad habits and behaviours that always bring you back to the same place.

• Create daily money practices and rituals that feel fabulous and make money fall at your feet.

All of this in a safe and luxurious space with world-class money coach Jessica Giles personal hand on your financial transformation.

Kind words…

“Jessica Giles has spoken for me on a number of occasions both on my podcast and presenting masterclasses for my coaching programs for business owners. All have been extremely well received and I have seen many transformations result.

Jessica speaks with something I can only describe as a language of her own. She is classy, elegant, inspiring and nothing less than uplifting.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any speaking engagement on stage, podcast or recorded masterclass environment.

You will get nothing but greatness from this uplifting, articulate and well considered woman.”

Larissa Macleman – Salon Owners Collective

“ Having Jessica Giles feature on the Beaute Industrie podcast as a guest was a fabulous partnership. Jessica is confident and knowledgeable about the beliefs and stories we tell ourselves about money and articulated the conversation in a way which others often fail to do. Jessica harnesses her life experience and draws from it to offer a relateable and tangible presence for people to connect with. Thank you again, Jessica, a pleasure.”

Tamara – Founding Director, Beaute Industrie

“I was thrilled to host Jessica as a speaker at my Summit event. Jess was a brilliant speaker and well received by attendees as engaging, vibrant and warm whilst being knowledgeable and very passionate! I would highly recommend Jessica as a speaker or a presenter in any capacity of money mastery. She brings beautiful energy to a room and holds space powerfully.”

Carly Thompson Barry – Founder: SA Woman

“Jessica lives her story of financial empowerment and this is why I invited her to support my clients in doing the same. We loved her inspiring presentation! I would highly recommend Jessica as a speaker and presenter.”

Sami Wunder – Global Dating & Relationship Expert

Jessica is a qualified Accountant, Money Mastery & Manifestation coach. Her clients create rapid financial transformation including dissolving debt, doubling profit and quadrupling personal income! Jessica has a unique way of empowering and educating women around the area of money in a fun, feminine and life-changing way.

Sharing her story from high school dropout to University graduate and founder of a global coaching business, your audience will connect with her authentic warmth, humour and level of care and love for them and their financially free future.

‘Magnetic’, ‘captivating’ and ‘soul-stirring’ are words often used to describe Jessica’s presenting style.