The Numbers You Need to Know

Placing you in the powerful position of your wealth creating empire

As a successful entrepreneur, numbers cannot be avoided, in today’s video blog I share with you the business metrics you need to be across to create your thriving empire, let’s get you mastering the numbers that matter, right away!

The number one, non negotiable number you need to know is how much money has flowed into your business this week, how much money has your business earned and received?

Next up: How many people are in the orbit of your business? How many clients and customers do you have?

Then: What are your expenses? You are creating a profitable empire, yes? You need to be across how much money is flowing out of your business and for what purpose.

Money is not a stagnant source to be hoarded, I do not want you to become a ‘money miser’ however I do want you to be a powerful, in control pilot of your empire that makes conscious and aligned purchasing decisions.
Also track the size of your community: Including mailing list, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
I call these ‘vanity’ numbers, not always a direct correlation to revenue and business impact.

However when tracking these numbers over a period of time you can identify the impact of community and revenue. As your community grows, is your revenue growing? (watch out for my extreme excitement as I explain this in the video!)

Now is the time to step up and become empowered and excited by the numbers in your life! They hold the key to transforming your financial future.

Being equipped with this information and insights places you in the very powerful position of the financial leader in your business.

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