They Just Don’t care…



The video blog I am sharing with you today is inspired directly from a session with a beautiful client.

In this session we were exploring her business offerings, and she expressed how she felt more ‘qualified’ in one area of her business, she has the ‘piece of paper’ to prove she knows what she is talking about.

Now not for one minute am I discounting the years spent studying and sacrificing to gain a university degree (I’ve been there) but you know, in all of the years in my current and previous business, not once, nil, nada, zip amount of times have I been asked to show, or even if I have a degree!

This isn’t why people gravitate towards you, think about it for a moment, bring to mind an entrepreneur, business owner or just brilliant person who inspires you, do you even know what qualifications this person has? Is this what draws you towards them?

More than likely not, you are attracted to them as they possess qualities you desire, they can support you to obtain the results you want, they have integrity, inspiration and a motivating cause, THAT is why you love them, not because of the piece of paper on the wall.

I go into it further in the video, but today I encourage you to think of yourself and your business, are there any areas you are holding yourself back because you feel you aren’t ‘expert’ enough? 

I’m all for lifelong education and acquiring new skills, but not when you are hiding out there to essentially hide from your prospective clients. So let’s be real here, is this ‘expert’ issue, a real issue, or a BS story you are telling yourself?

Tired of being held back by THAT 5 letter word, money?!

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With Money Mastering Love

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