Watch Your Words

They are creating your reality…..

In todays video blog I’m really excited to share with you how you can flick the switch and reframe the words that aren’t supporting you.

In a client session yesterday I was lovingly (I hope) labelled the word nazi.

Thoughts are things and words create realities, it is so easy though for our internal and external dialogue to slip into a pattern of words, phrases and thoughts that don’t support what we are seeking to create.

Each day I encourage you to be mindful of the words you speak, both to yourself and out loud.

Be mindful of the language that is less than ideal and supportive!
Hint: these words usually begin with can’t, wont, don’t, but, why

Think of the last two negative phrases you have used, and how you can flip them around into a positive sentence that is uplifting, supportive and abundant.

There isn’t enough money for everything I want to do

Reframe to:
There is more than enough money in this world for me, and everyone. 
If this doesn’t resonate or doesn’t feel right, try:
I am open to receiving increasing amounts of abundance for all my desires

Each time you feel yourself slipping into the negative patterns, apply these mantras liberally!

From there, your mind will begin to focus on the positive and suddenly you will be delivered inspiring thoughts and ideas on how this can come to life.

Think I’ve lost it? Commit to this for 7 days and come back to me, in this time you will see the magic unfold right before your eyes!

With money mastering love

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