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Are you ready to:
  • Feel empowered, organised and in control of your finances
  • ​Never again wonder if your business is profitable 
  • ​Increase your money magnetism by having strong systems in place to attract money to you
  • Have a customised financial dashboard that tells you your entire financial position at a glance
The truth is, it doesn't matter what accountant, bookkeeper or financial planner you have on your team, no one is going to love, care or be as invested in your financial results as you!

It's not them up late at night stressing about your bank balance or lack of profit!

In todays volatile business climate it is more essential than ever to ensure that you have a deep and powerful understanding of the financial function in your business. 
Profitable business or expensive hobby?
  • ​82% of businesses fail due to cashflow issues 
  • ​70% of all divorces are directly related to financial stress
  • ​Only 25% of businesses make it to 15 years and beyond
These are startling statistics, but awareness is the first step to change and The Wealthy CFO is your second! 😉

The truth is, the majority of business owners are flying blind on a wing and a prayer, hoping their business and relationship doesn't end up a statistic! 

What if I was to tell you that a few simple to implement and action mindset shifts and systems will ensure your business and relationship thrives beyond these statistics?

I hear all the time from business owners that the numbers are overwhelming, you don't understand them and quite frankly don't have time for them!

I understand, you started your business because you are an incredible expert in your industry and passionate and masterful at your craft, not to look at numbers and spreadsheets all day long!

I am an accountant so that you don't have to be! 

In this 4 week program I will be breaking down the complex and overwhelming area of accounting and finance so that you can:

  • Clear the "I'm bad with money" and "I don't understand my numbers" mindset blocks
  • Upgrade your programming, beliefs and relationship to become your very own money guru!
  • ​Have a personalised plan and system for the numbers you need to look at each day
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly money practices, plans and checklists
  • ​Learn how to read and understand your financial statements including profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow (I have an accounting degree so that you don't have to!)
  • ​Have money fall at your feet because it has places to go and jobs to do! (money loves to be loved and cared for just as you do)
  • Demystify concepts such as breakeven analysis, contribution margin and gross profit 
  • ​Have a simple system to evaluate profitability of all current and future offerings
There are two ways to make money -
Work for money and have money work for you
It's time to make your money work for you
Last week I had more money than I knew what to do with! Working with Jess has been an amazing investment in myself and my business and I have created an amazing return on this investment! 
Clarissa Saco
Jessica is classy, elegant, inspiring and nothing less than uplifting. You will get nothing but greatness from this uplifting, articulate and well considered woman.

Larissa Macleman
I'm blown away by the level of love and care Jess has for her clients. Her powerful coaching meets me right where I’m at and moves me towards my goals.

Kirsten Harris
What is a cFO and what do they do?
The Chief Financial Officer is the most senior role in the financial operations of a business. 
Their role includes planning, implementing, managing and running the finance activities of a company.

Regardless of who the CFO (or you) have on their financial team including bookkeepers, accountants and financial planners, it is the CFO who has the highest level of connection and overall responsibility for the financial results of a company. 

Sound familiar? Whether you realise it or not, you are already the CFO of your life and business! 

My intention through this program is to ensure you are supported, empowered, educated and equipped to ensure the financial success, sustainability and growth of your empire, personally and professionally!

It is time to be the wealthy CFO! 

To wake up each day knowing that you have a rock solid and successful financial function of your business. 

  • You know that each service, product and offering is profitable, and how much profit each generates
  • Every dollar that flows into your bank account has a purpose and plan for it
  • ​Every dollar is allocated and cared for
  • ​You feel relaxed as you are in control of all of the important numbers in your business and life
  • ​Systems are in place that care for your money 
  • ​Every dollar that you make is working and growing for you
  • ​Are focusing each day on the key growth areas and metrics that drive profit and growth
How Does This Program Work and what is included?
  • Private luxury FB group for connection, inspiration and accountability. (I am known for delivering A LOT of additional trainings and value) 
  • Each Thursday for 4 weeks beginning November 26th you will receive a new training module including video, audio and text content
  • ​Weekly LIVE coaching and implementation calls 
  • ​BONUS Pre Work is currently live and ready for you
  • BONUS Money Management System designed to implement your teachings & trainings
  • ​BONUS Discounts on other Chic Money courses upon graduation
  • ​BONUS First ten to enrol will receive a free 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with myself to formulate your personalised plan
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I look forward to welcoming you working with you in The Wealthy CFO.
P.S. : You already have everything within you that is required to go from financially frustrated, to financially fabulous and then to financially free! 
My favourite thing in the world is to work with women to activate this power and unleash the money queen within! 
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