I am yet to have a woman come to me and not know that she desires to increase her income! For every person on the planet more money is right up there with being able to eat chocolate with no calories!

However often what they do lack is clarity, permission and a fierceness around what they TRULY desire!

Today I am going to lead you through a powerful exercise to journey right to the truth of what you are seeking, and ensure you can have that right now!

Imagine this, I have just handed you $100,000 – amazing right?!

Firstly: How are you using this money? Right down to the last dollar I invite you to have ultimate clarity on exactly where that money is going.

Every dollar needs to have a purpose and a job to do, money doesn’t like to be lazy or uncertain!

So now that you have powerfully allocated that money, lets get down to the real business.

Sure, the money is great, but what are you seeking from this money?

Cast your eye over the money purpose plan you have created and feel into, what is the energy and emotion you are seeking?

Is it relief, freedom, excitement, creativity, expression, adventure?

Now THAT right there is the truth of what you desire, you only want the money because you feel the money is going to give you that feeling!

Powerful way to flip the script and take back your power sister!

You see, those feelings and emotions that you are truly seeking, you can give them to yourself today.

Simply take the emotion and ask, how can I give myself the gift of (insert emotion) today?

You see, this is actually the fast track to manifesting your desire, when you embody the desired emotion you will call in the money (and anything else) that is of that frequency and vibration!

THIS place right here is where the Universe really loves to surprise you with people, places, experiences and synchronicities way beyond what our limited mind can conjure up!

So my love, play with this embodiment today, it’s always awkward before it’s elegant, and progress over perfection.

Embrace and enjoy and of course this is my FAVOURITE thing in the whole wide world to coach women on so please go ahead and schedule your complimentary Wealth Acceleration Call if you would like to explore how I can support you to step into the financial freedom you crave.