We’ve all heard that your network determines your net worth…

It is also true that mindsets are catchy like a cold and if you’re not aware and intentional the money mindsets of those around you will start to impact your mood and your bank account!

In today’s episode I am guiding you to take an inventory of the mindsets that surround you and if they are contributing to your wealth, wellbeing and fulfilment.

I’m not saying to cut anyone out who has a different mindset from you, however I do want to support you to ensure you are keeping your eyes, focus and mindset up and forward on who you are becoming and what you are creating.

My philosophy is – don’t be alarmed, but do be alert and prepared.

Get ready to set yourself free from the mindsets that are no longer serving you, your own and others!

** The book I refer to in the episode is Friends by Robin Dunbar** 

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