What if I was to tell you that right now you have full control and influence over the very thing that will create your dream of financial freedom, or cause your demise into financial stress forever?

The truth is, you do – your money mindset.

Success is made up of 80% mindset and only 20% action.

Therefore, it is FAR more about who you are being, than what you are doing!

Your success is defined by your thoughts, beliefs and actions, and all of these are dictated by your mindset.

So what is money mindset and how do you know if yours is helping or hindering you?

A great place to start is in your response to this simple prompt:

List the first 5 words that come to mind around the word money…

What words are looking back up at you from the page? Even as a cautious accountant I would hazard a guess that these very words powerfully reflect the state of your bank account to you.

Words including stress, struggle, not enough, scared, uncertain, frustrated, sad

These words indicate your bank balance isn’t where you would like for it to be!

Words such as excitement, possibility, power, creativity, freedom, choice

Now those words indicate you and money are BFF’s! So where do you sit on the spectrum?

Don’t despair, awareness is the first powerful step toward change!

Mindset is firstly inherited as a child, all those times you heard “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “we can’t afford that” they stuck!

You will find that until you break the cycle, not only will these be your truth, but they will be joined by their friends: “money is so stressful” and “it’s one step forward, two steps back”

Fun, yes? No!

So my love, let’s begin to create a new mindset and truth for you.

I now invite you to feel into: What are my five new truths with money? Now is the time and place to introduce yourself to what you desire to know for sure, such as: I always have more than enough money My wealth is growing every day

I always pay my bills on time

Money flows to me in ever-increasing amounts

How do they feel? Keep your words close and soak them up for they are your new truth and will form the foundation of your new-found financial freedom! How exciting!

Are you ready to ensure that your mindset is fully on board with your desire to create financial freedom?

Would you like me to take you by the hand and show you a proven system to completely transform both the way you feel about money and your bank balance also?

I invite you to schedule a complimentary Wealth Acceleration Call with myself, it’s time to set yourself free for the financial freedom you crave!