Your Money Story, Where Does It Start….



Today’s video blog is directly inspired by an amazing story my beautiful client shared with me about her daughter who seen a beautiful home across the stream and declared to her Mum: “That is such a beautiful home, but I could never have enough money to afford a house like that”

I find it fascinating, oh so interesting (and a little frightening) that our money story, blueprint and DNA is in place by the age of 8, yes by 8 years old your conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and patterns with money are already formed.

I know when I was 8 I could be convinced that pigs fly over the moon (a fact my adult self has now dismissed) but it seems kind of crazy that we still cart around with us thoughts, feelings and patterns around money that were imprinted at that age.

Surely it’s time for a software update? 

In todays video I ask if you have ever wheeled out the “we can’t afford it” “we don’t have enough money for that today” lines with your children? (my hand is raised!)

In the video I encourage you to play the whole tape through with a couple of key questions.
For example, your child asks you for a $40 Barbie doll, you say you can’t afford it.
Quick question: Do you have $40 in your purse, on a bank card, accessible on a credit card, outstanding to you from a client?
Yes? Well then you actually CAN afford that Barbie doll…

The words we speak are a direct order to the universe and on that note I ask. Do you REALLY want the universe to rearrange things so that you can’t afford a $30 Barbie doll?

Powerful stuff…. I’d love for you to share your a-ha’s and insights in the comments below.

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